About Us


About us

With our colleagues and partners with more than a decade of experience at Hungary and abroad, we strive to facilitate the planned implementation of architectural and civil engineering projects. We support all participants in the project from design through construction to operation.

We all know that the success of a project depends to a large extent on proper technical preparation, but many times, unfortunately, it is only in the construction phase that it turns out that the design of the project has slipped somewhere. This is when the well-used extension of the deadline, the need for additional work and the transfer of responsibility begins. All this leads the investment becoming more expensive and it is not certain that the project will end according to the original customer needs.

Through BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies and processes, our team implements the design, construction and operation of buildings in a virtual environment – with the help of a building information model – with which the actual execution can be accurately planned and tracked later. This is the way in which the execution of projects can be well managed and calculated in advance.