Plan coordination, building survey, management support, audit
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We reduce the possibility of problems during construction and the amount of additional work, thus eliminating the time and cost of the project. With our schedules, we try to reduce the amount of building material reserves and construction waste required for construction.

Plan coordination

  • 3D modelling
  • clash detection
  • quantity take-off
  • simulation

Using modern procedures, we help to create a 3D building model from the existing building that meets the goals of later renovation, redesign and operation.

Building survey

  • as-built,
  • survey,
  • operation model creation

We help to optimize the individual phases of the construction project (planning, construction, operation) in order to complete the investment within the pre-defined deadline, within the set budgets, in the expected quality.

Management support

  • project coordination
  • process optimization
  • BIM integration

We check whether the completed model meets the requirements of the customer.


  • data,
  • geometry,
  • technology and
  • quality check

Plan coordination


Before the construction, following the design process, we create an integrated 3D model from the plans of the disciplines (architecture, MEP, electricity, structure, etc.). With this, we explore possible clashes and contradictions. By using this method, the time spent on subsequent redesigns and on-site changes is reduced, and the financial and time schedule of the original project becomes more sustainable.

Using the integrated BIM model, we create automatically updated material schedules. On the one hand, these schedules reduce the uncertainties of traditional design budgets, and on the other hand, they can be used for the temporal and financial planning and simulation of the project.

Building survey


With the help of our partners, we create the BIM model of a building – even a monument – using traditional and modern (photogrammetry, laser scanner) survey methods. The current state is thus recorded in digital form, so in the case of subsequent renovations and redesigns it is not justified to re-survey the building: the necessary plans can be derived from the model.

Models created for the purpose of archiving the as-built state of the building, can form the basis of accounting. Operational models can be loaded with facility management (CAFM) systems, placing asset management and building management on a 3D basis.

Management support

Management támogatás

The BIM methodology can be applied very effectively in all phases of the project. By creating contract documents and using communication in an integrated, common data environment, we monitor the processes throughout the whole lifecycle of the project and connect the participants in the process to achieve maximum efficiency.

We provide assistance in project preparation and tendering; defining requirements for project participants; and the ongoing integration of the BIM methodology.



During the audit, we examine the following: the functional data content of model elements; geometrical conditions and impact resistance; the operability of the applied building engineering systems; detail appropriate to the intended use. In addition, we check the coherence of the generated sheets as well as material lists and the model.